Folk meets beatbox

In the second of the MTUM concerts I invited Martha Wainwright and Teddy Thompson to collaborate with me. I first met Teddy a couple of years ago when we were on Jools Holland’s show together, and we’d talked about getting something together ever since. I met Martha backstage at Glastonbury and we got on really well, so I thought it would be amazing to mix their delicate, singer-songwriter folksy guitar music with my beatboxing.


The first half was a real treat… Teddy went on first to a packed QEH crowd, they seemed to be a mixed bunch, kind of spread out between the three artists. I was amazed by Teddy’s country style singing… he sounded the real deal! I went on after him and was so concious about the massive change in volume so I started off by going easy on the crowd, with some quiet kicks and snares, before dropping in some looping. Martha was on next and her solo slot was spine-tingling.


For the second half we started with a series of duos. First of all me and Teddy did a rendition of one of Teddy’s tracks, followed by our interpretation of ‘Walk Like an Egyptian’. Here’s an MP3 of the first track: cantsingstraight.mp3.


Then Martha joined Teddy to sing a duet of an Everly brothers song, followed by another duet from myself and Martha.


The finale of the show was when all three of us performed together, and Martha made me do something I have never done before – playing guitar and singing a folk song! We sang Bob Dylan’s ‘Dont think twice, it’s alright’. I was so nervous to sing but the whole crowd were so supportive and I enjoyed it so much, I’m planning to bring more singing / guitar into my shows.


Here’s the MP3 of us singing together: martha-teddy-shlomo.mp3.

The show got a great response, including a 4-star review in The Independent, describing it as “A performance of jaw dropping artistry…the experimentation is playful, the message is simple: in the music playground, carefree creativity beats crass commercialism hands down.”

Top right is the short film that Sarah from SeaBuzzard prepared, it was screened at the beginning of the show. If you want to see the full performance, you’ll have to wait for the MTUM Box Set DVD release!!!