Polar Bear vs Shlomo jazz quintet

What a night!

I played with my own jazz quintet, featuring my dad Jeremy on guitar, and trombone legend Annie Whitehead.

Shlomo's quintet

I also did a special duet with poet Lemn Sissay which made my spine tingle.

Lemn Sissay

Polar Bear played a storming solo set which redefined experimental jazz to me.

Pete Wareham

Then I joined Polar Bear in the second half for what was my single most incredible experience with free improvisation.

Shlo and Polar Bear

I ‘battled’ their drummer and leader Seb Rochford, had my voice mangled and magnified by Leafcutter John’s electronics, and we created some incredible music!

Check out the MP3 of the first piece we did. I’ve called it ‘Stephats’.

Then as the finale both bands came back onstage for a massive jam! Too awesome for words. The Guardian gave us a 4-star review.

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