The Lip Factory EP – free download!

Exciting news! My new band “Shlomo and the Lip Factory” have completed our first EP! It is out on Monday 31 October and you can download the album here FOR FREE. It’s also available through iTunes, Amazon MP3 and many other download stores.

The three tracks on this EP are original all-vocal songs that I wrote for the group:


All tracks written, arranged and recorded by Shlomo.
“Got Your Mind” was co-written with M. Kahn

The Lip Factory are:
Claudia Georgette
Alyusha Chagrin
Triple B aka Billy Benjamin Boothroyd
Matthew Featherstone

Mixed by Sam Jones at Band on the Wall Studios, Manchester
Artwork by Rebecca Emery

  • Sam Jones


  • Sam Jones


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  • Matsai

    Hi Shlomo this is nice but I prefer your live solo performances! 
    Like the one I saw in 2007 when we met – that was ace. Why don’t you release your live solo stuff? 
    Take care


  • Matsai

    PS: No disrespect to the crew by the way, it’s just that I think you are a raw talent and I want to see you doing everything on the record, just like when you do it live

  • Shlomo

    Hey bro, I did do an EP of my solo stuff, it’s called the Mouthtronica EP – have a listen here :